Honey Vodka     Sweet Tea

Honey Spiked Tea.jpg

Move over Firefly Vodka Tea, here comes our no sugar version and it's damn good!!

I distinctly remember when Firefly vodka first came out, we were at a bar in Charleston and the bartender had us try some...straight  up, saying it's the best liquor to hit the bar scene in a while.  Well, one sip and we were hooked, then we couldn't get it anywhere.  We traveled from liquor store to liquor store trying to get our hands on some as people were snagging it by the case load before we could get ours!  Those were the days.  

So, I wanted to dabble in making our own vodka tea using our Hudson & Lee Honey Simple Syrup, and hold onto your britches... this is good!  Like sip it slow, indulge in each taste, take your time and relax with your cocktail in hand good.  Did I mention yet how EASY it is to make??  4 ingredients make this cocktail a no brainer and you don't have to feel guilty drinking all that sugar, 'cause there is none!  Drink up!


  •  3 Cups of Vodka (we like Tito's)
  •  3 Black Tea Bags
  •  1  Cup Hudson & Lee Honey Simple Syrup
  •  5 Tbsp. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice (or 2 medium lemons)
  • Club Soda

How to make it:

Pour the 3 cups of vodka into a pitcher and add the 3 tea bags.  Allow the vodka tea mixture to stand for a few hours.  Remove the tea bags (make sure you squeeze out all the vodka from each bag back into the pitcher).  Add the honey simple syrup and lemon juice  and stir well.  

Add crushed ice to a rocks glass, top with 1.5 shots of the vodka tea and 1.5 shots of club soda.  Garnish with a lemon slice.  Enjoy!

 *Feel free to add more honey syrup if you like your tea really sweet.