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-"I’m all about a sweet cocktail. In fact, I’m extremely guilty of loving 'girly cocktails'. But sometimes, all that sugar makes me feel less than stellar.

That’s why I’m fascinated by Hudson & Lee’s honey simple syrup."

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We are featured in the July edition of South Park Magazine!

We are featured in the July edition of South Park Magazine!

Best Mojito ever! Many thanks to the crafty girl who came up with the recipe and decided to share it with the world!!! Tomorrow we are are making the sangria recipe!
— Jen R. (happy customer)

Great syrup! Easy to mix, clean ingredients, powerful flavor! The honey flavor we like because it’s very versatile. Must have for a mixologist who can go with the classics or really spice it up. I enjoyed it with both a twist on an old fashion as well as vodka, water and syrup.
— Leah A. (happy customer)

One of the best new all natural products to come out in a long time. I’ll be using H&L Honey Simple Syrup for all my cocktails this summer!
— Christi W., Rust & Honey

I can’t believe how delicious this is compared to every syrup out there, with a fraction of the ingredients and no sugar! We try to be an all organic household so this fits in perfectly. I have been using Hudson & Lee with my whiskey mash and whiskey sours and let me tell you, I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new drink! My girlfriend likes hers with margaritas and for the first time ever I see her sweetening her tea with it. Well done Hudson & Lee, this delicious all organic simple syrup needs to get in every bar and spirits house in the nation ASAP. I will definitely be buying again!
— -Tim J. (happy customer)